Vero Modero – Boho Set in Rose

As you can tell from this site, I’m not much of a blogger, especially when it comes to fashion blogging.  I recently had to provide some new photos for an agency I belong to, and recently got myself a new skin as well.  For my new look, I decided to go shopping for something that caught my eye.  I ended up at Vero Modero, one of my favorite stores.  I’ve done shows for them in the past.

I tend to gravitate to casual clothes.  The Boho set in rose caught my eye.  It’s a rigged mesh short tunic.  I love the rose patterns in the skirt.  It’s a pretty risque outfit.  If one is not careful you can easily have a “wardrobe malfunction”.  I treated myself to a new hairdo: EMO-tions Celine II and picked up a new pair of sandals: Pure Poison Magda sandals in lime.  They match the belt that comes with the dress.

I have to say, this outfit is a definite magnet for the guys.  In my first 15 minutes at Fogbound Blues club, I got hit on 3 times.  I love this outfit.

The only downside is a common problem with all rigged mesh, but especially problematic here.  Most rigged mesh comes with an alpha layer to prevent underlying body parts from bleeding through.  The top of this dress is semi transparent, so you can’t wear an alpha with it.  It’s meant to have body parts (nips, etc) showing through.  The result is that many animations cause torso and arm parts to pop through.  Using a size up from your shape can help with that but doesn’t totally eliminate it.  If you can live with that and otherwise enjoy being a magnet for guys, this is a great dress.

Image Modero


~ by monicabalut on June 8, 2014.

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